What I eat in a day as a Vegan while traveling in Mexico..
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Thank you so much for watching, I hope you got some meal inspo from this.. Tacos are such an easy thing to veganize and make Delicious!

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All the beaches I have travelled to in the past year have had areas of sand covered in plastic or embedded with tiny broken down fragments of plastic known as micro plastics.This is what plastic turns into over time, and can be ingested by fish that we as humans eat. Even things like “faux fur” popular amongst vegan are made of harmful synthetic materials that get into our water streams and can also turn into micro plastics. We have not yet uncovered the long term impacts of micro plastics in our oceans or inside the human body when ingested through fish but I think we can all agree its not ideal.

This motivates me to continue using the least amount of plastic I can, and when traveling to foreign countries always brining a reusable water bottles to fill up at filtered water areas. Luckily my airbnb has a water filter that I fill up my bottle with throughout the day. And there are other traveling filters you can buy to prevent the use of water bottles.

Most forms of one time plastic, to me, seem unnecessary and easy to replace. What are your thoughts?

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– Q & A –

How do you stay in shape?
Mostly through yoga and I workout at Least once a week in the gym. I also like doing sneaky workouts throughout the day like crunches while I’m editing and squats in between making breakfast. 

Do you resonate with being called a hippie?
Not at all. I resonate with some of the messages from that time but I’m not trying to be a hippie at all, nor do I do any drugs or psychedelics. The spiritual practices I study, like yoga, are scientifically proven. I’m happy just taking fashion inspiration from that era. 

What are your spiritual beliefs?
I currently resonate deeply with Tantra and Hinduism. Buddhism will always play a part in my life as well! 

Thank you for being just who are you.
With so much love,