The Love I have
On days where you don’t see the magic of who you are,
looking down at your thighs thinking they take up too much space,
analyzing every naked body part in the mirror

I wish to fill you with all the love I have,
so you would never doubt yourself again

Its hard to hear you’re feeling sad again
why do you let the demons speak to you like that?
telling you you are not enough

Because to me when I look into your eyes
they’re all I see, everything else disappears

and its always been that with you,
its the power of us

Because in a crowded room full of drunken idiots
or lying on the dirt naked

I look into your eyes and I can feel my spirit floating upward
I feel our souls transcending together

Its as if our skin sheds off and decomposes into the earth
Leaving us bare, open, substances of energy

floating and gyrating back and forth
taking each other in

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced;
how open my heart is for you,
how i felt our souls touching even through time and space

I see through your mask and you see through mine
and it takes my breathe away

But thats okay because there are no need for words when our energy is having a conversation of it’s own

You fill me with so much light
and it has nothing to do with your thighs or your skin

But no witch’s potion or chemists concoction could make me see yourself how I see you
Could make you love yourself like I am lucky to

Only you can do that

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You’re filled with so much love
it pours out into everything you do, everything you touch

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I see the way your lips curl upward at the mere site of foliage
the way you close your eyes in ecstasy under the shade of a tree
or when your palms touch the dirt on the ground
or even in an empty room, content with your own solitude

I see all the love you have for everything that exists
but don’t you know its love you can have for yourself too?

It comes from within you
you create it
like the moments we share floating

You are nature
You are a part of what makes your heart sing

The way you touch bark on a tree and give thanks to the universe for it
is the way you should touch the skin on your face and give thanks to the universe for it

All the love you have for everything that exists
is love you can place anywhere
I want you to place it within yourself

You have a power within you so strong
nothing and no one has the ability to unleash it but you

Ive seen what happens when you take care of the things you love
they flourish and shine

Imagine if the thing you loved so purely,
the thing you would do anything for was You

Thanks for watching.

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